Website maintenance

When your website is completed and is in perfect working order it will need to be maintained.

For various organisations a maintenance contract will be more cost effective as it is cheaper than hiring people on a full time basis. Furthermore, you will profit from our years of experience with corporate and organisational websites.

For all the packages below we now offer free daily incremental backups on websites and databases hosted with us. How is that for value!

We will also appraise your website design and our e-newsletter will keep you informed about the latest market trends.

We have various maintenance packages to suit all of your needs/requirements:

Our Packages

Bronze Package

If you would like the bronze package we can provide this. The bronze package is just a straightforward MOT. We will monitor your site, check search engines and make changes if necessary. We test forms and scripts, correct any errors that may have developed and update the security of your website if neccessary.

We also ensure that your website is registered with common directories.

We are very dedicated and professional when maintaining your website. We approach every area of our work with a serious attitude in order to ensure that your organisation does not suffer and also to satisfy you the client so that you may take advantage of our services in the future.

Ariadne carry out regular checks to ensure that all websites created by ourselves are working perfectly and most importantly, that they are running smoothly. We will spend up to two hours per month on this work.

This kind of service is what makes Ariadne stand out from the crowd, as we not only create the website, we ensure that it is always in perfect running order for our clients.

We also ensure that all of our databases and websites are backed up on a weekly basis to insure that you receive your products or services on time with no delay. It is this professionalism that makes us so successful.

Cost: £50 per month

Gold Package

If you have a website that needs to be altered regularly you should think about our gold package.

With this package Ariadne Designs will produce and publish 2 new pages every month (24 pages per year), and will also modify text on a maximum of 4 pages each month.

In addition, we will check your web site each and every month on search engines and will carry out search engine optimization. We will spend up to five hours per month on this work.

Upon choosing the Gold package it is assumed that all text, photo’s and graphics are supplied by you the customer.

If you decide to select the Ariadne Designs Gold package you will be provided with a quality package of extreme value at a reasonable price.

Compare the cost of the services we provide, with the cost of updating and ensuring your product is in keeping with current trends.

Cost: £150 per month

Platinum Package

This is our bespoke package and is individually tailored to our clients needs.

Ariadne Designs can take total control of your publishing and editing to free up your time, making sure that you can make the best use of your website.

We have professional copywriters and a selection of graphic designers and illustrators to make the best use of your content requirements. All we need to know is what the nature of the content is and we can do the rest.

In addition to your website content, we can also offer social media and eNewsletter updates, to keep your users informed of all the latest news within your organisation.

Cost: £Contact us

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