Ariadne Content Management (CM)


Do you need a content managed website?

If so, we can offer you a professional looking content managed website at a high standard that can be altered by yourself whenever and wherever you please. It is also easy to use and requires little or no training.

A significantly increased level of customers are requesting these sites, as it provides clients with more control over their websites and also its content and development within the websites.

The content managed websites we have created for our customers are so easy to use that we have received positive feedback from clients stating how impressed they are and how easy it has been to update the content of the websites.

Content managed websites are so convenient as clients can make the necessary changes/updates themselves.

CM is a comprehensive small business management platform

Our system offers a wide rage of modules including comprehensive small business management software capable of generating online invoices and handling client accounts, tickets and project task lists as well as outputing a wide range of reports to include for example automated VAT returns. We also have software dealing with the managing of client and mailing lists, estimates based on previous performance and simple project managment.

Our system will also allow management of more than one website from a single location.

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