Terms and conditions

Website Terms and Conditions

The resource described in this document will be referred to as ‘the website’ this term includes the following elements:
a) all bespoke design, stylesheets (or CSS), graphics and images not specified elsewhere
b) all HTML coding
The terms website does not include mysql databases or PHP scripts and related templates. These items are covered by separate terms and conditions. 

Copy for the website

The client is wholly responsible for producing the copy for the website. Any changes to the copy that require additional work from Ariadne Designs are chargeable separately to the website design and implementation. All matters relating to copy are the clients responsibility, as is all legal matters relating to copy. In the case of a complaint by a third party in relation to any of the copy or images, Ariadne Designs Ltd. reserves the right to remove the offending copy prior to informing the client.

Independent or bespoke programming

Ariadne Designs Ltd undertakes all bespoke programming work charging on an hourly basis. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that work stays within budget, we will clearly inform you of our hourly rate at the outset and keep you up to date with costs. We are dedicated to producing work of the highest standards - however it is up to your responsibility to ensure you are happy with the work. We will charge for all work undertaken on an hourly basis, and all amendments are chargeable - in all apart from exceptional circumstances. It is important to be aware at the outset that we charge for all work including amendments and bug fixes. Any review of the work must be carried out prior to the work being signed off.

Website content

Ariadne Designs Ltd will not publish or design websites of a pornographic or offensive nature.

Number of pages

All of our quotes are made on a notion of the number of pages required. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that Ariadne Designs Ltd is made aware of all the pages that are needed for the website. If the number of pages exceeds the upper limit given in our quote then Ariadne Designs Ltd will charge for the additional pages of a per page basis.


All websites require an upfront payment of 25% of the entire quoted cost of the website. This is to pay the cost of design and initial overheads. This payment is non-refundable. Payment terms are a maximum of 30 days.

Stylesheets and CSS

Our websites are based on table-less design using CSS2. We use the XHTML strict model as a default for the company unless requested otherwise by the client.

Changes to the design and stylesheet

We develop websites on a two stage design process. We will give at least two different draft designs to clients – of which the clients should choose one. If the design is not agreed at this stage – additional designs may be commissioned, these extra designs will be chargeable to the client. Once the client has accepted a design any required amendments should be made apparent prior to a stylesheet and HTML being created. Once the designer has made the required amendments we will create a stylesheet and an HTML mock up of the principal areas of the site. Once these are created they will be subject to approval by the client, at this stage we will make reasonable changes to the HTML pages and style sheets (not exceeding one hour of staff time per page – unless otherwise agreed). New artwork required at this stage will be chargeable to the client (on top of the original quote) unless otherwise agreed.


Forms such as contact forms and newsletter subscription forms should be detailed at the outset. The functionality behind a form – e.g. submitting you the contents is chargeable on a different basis from the standard website. With most websites we will give a contact form which is emailed to you as a part of the overall cost of the website. However should you need to make changes to the way such a form works – i.e. you would like the details added to a database as well as emailing to you, the subsequent work will be chargeable and should ideally be agreed at the outset.

Search engine optimisation

We design websites in a way that should make them easy for search engines to index. We can advise you on the best way to make your website accessible to search engines. The provision of meta key words and descriptions for pages will help search engine optimisation, we will place tags provided by the client into your pages as a part of the site design. Provisions of meta tags is the clients responsibility. We cannot guarantee a position of your site of search engines, and payment of our fee can in NOT be linked in any way to the performance of your site on one or other search engine. The fee is for the building of the site and the art work and technical work.

Final amendments

Final amendments to the website must be made prior to the project being signed off by the client. Amendments made after this point will be chargeable.

Website Guarantee

We are confident that you will be happy with our standards of design and implementation, therefore we will guarantee our website against faults in workmanship such as faulty hyperlinks or misplaced graphics – when these are clearly our responsibility. Additionally we encourage our clients to give feedback so that we can constantly improve our standards.

Website amendments

We can offer you a contract to undertake amendments to your website, we will guarantee our amendments on the same basis as our other work. We are not responsible for faults that have arisen as a result of your changes or amendments. Subsequent corrections for these will be chargeable on our hourly rate.  


The final invoice will be given once the website is completed. This invoice is payable within 30 days – otherwise a surcharge may have to be added in accordance with UK law.

Website Hosting

We offer hosting on a one year renewable contract. Terms and conditions of hosting are separate from those for the website, and should be read carefully.

Domain renewals

We are not responsible for the renewal of domains (even those that we registered on behalf of the client). We will forward reminders to clients when domains become due for renewal when we recieve them. We also do renew domains for clients and pass on the costs but we are not responsible if your domain expires and has not been renewed, so please keep a note of the date of your domain renewal.


Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Professional Indemnity : 500,000
Employers Liability : 10,000,000

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