What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. They are not programs and cannot harm your computer or cause any damage whatsoever.

Most cookies are used to store information between visits to a site, for example some sites store session information so that you can remain logged in to a members area.

Other sites use cookies to find out which users visit the site more than once. Most modern browsers allow cookies to be disabled, so you can choose not to allow this data to be collected. Mainly the information is used to work out which pages are popular and to improve websites. Some cookies are used to gather marketing information by being visible on more than one website. Ariadne Designs Ltd does not gather marketing information in this way.

We do, however, use Google Analytics to find out how many people are visiting our site and this tool uses cookies. We also use a cookie when you log on to our members area.

Due to new EU regulations it is our duty to inform you of our tracking cookies. Please enjoy our site and we welcome any feedback.

The Ariadne Designs Team.

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